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deviation in storage by Kurpo


Rainy Day by Stais
Rainy Day
Here's another neopets picture.
This time of my Stealthy Blumaroo.

I'm super slowly still making lookups for my pets. One day I'll finish.
If I stop morphing my pets into other things and trading for new pets. haha |D
I'll be your teacher for the day by Stais
I'll be your teacher for the day
So this is an image I did of my Desert Elephante on neo. I'd hoped to enter it in the BC again but dang I forgot how long gold place ban was!

"Sorry, '----' won first place overall or in his/her species on May 08, 2015 and cannot enter again until after Aug 29, 2015 ."

I mean DAMN, I almost wish he had won 2nd place like my Ogrin had. But I mean I didn't advertise at all, so I don't even know how he won first to begin with. obviously it's because I'm just so good at drawing

Anyway this picture was just a rushed doodle. It's not the best for multiple reasons.
1. I rushed
2. I drew it on my tiny as shit notebook laptop
3. I did it in Sai, I program I haven't used in like..a year

But still I'm proud of it for what it is. So here's my punkish Teacher Elephante
PkmnSkies Cedric App by Stais
PkmnSkies Cedric App
Name: Cedric E. Lafleur
Age: 24 yrs
Birthday: February 3rd
Species: Murkrow
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Sexuality: Demisexual
Hometown: Floaroma Town
Nature: Sassy

Cedric is an arrogant and pompous individual who cares a lot about himself and a very little about those around him.
He's better then you and he knows it.
And he isn't afraid to tell you to your face. However he is afraid of any sort of physical confrontation. So as soon as a fight seems to be on its way,
prepare to see him run faster then any electric type and hide behind someone else.
He'll boss around anyone if they're willing to follow him and isn't ashamed of having them fight his battles.
His father described his personality as him gaining the jerkish bossy personality normal of a Honchkrow, but a little too early in life.

Other then these wonderful traits Cedric is also very snarky and sarcastic.
He loves a good battle of wits and snappy combacks and can really respect someone who matches his quips or outdoes him.
It's basically the best way to earn his friendship and admiration...If you honestly do want to be his friend.
He's a bit of a jerk, but to the people he cares about he can be sweet and he can loyal.
He'll unbiasedly tell you opinions and he has the knowledge to an answer you seek he'll gladly share it.

He oozes an type of arrogant confidence and doesn't like seeing others being upset or down on themselves.
Ironically as confident as he is on most things he's probably the worst at following his own advice and can be extremely self concious about himself.
He tends to hide any shame he may have and bottle it up forever. So it's all good.
Or he just whines about it.
Whining is the mature thing to do, right?

Characteristic: Somewhat Vain

Ability: Prankster

:iconflyingtypeplz: Brave Bird(egg move) :iconblank-spaceplz:  :icondarktypeplz: Taunt
:iconnormaltypeplz: Double Team(TM):iconblank-spaceplz: :icondarktypeplz: Sucker Punch

It was a constant vivid and clear memory to him.
He sat away from the arguing bird couple, yet could hear every word, every syllable and every curse word being spoke.
His mother was a very tall and intimidating Honchkrow, she was dressed in clothes that spoke of her wealthy life style.
The man she argued with was an ever taller but lanky Braviary fellow. Who Cedric could only guess had to be his father.
He never called the man Father, and he never asked Cedric to. But he was always around and always fighting with his mother.

Cedric knew both adults had other life partners, both had other kids and other lives.
This as much as his six year old mind could comprehend though. Everything else only brought up more questions.
Such as: why were they here?
Why was this scene always happening?
And did it have to do with him?

He remained quiet, like he always did. He twiddled with the amulet coin his grandfather had given to him before he passed away.
He didn't dare move, or make a noise. The little bird not wanting the attention it might gain him.
Though to be honest if made a noise, if the two noticed him, nothing would come of it. They'd look his way, perhaps tell him to go
to his room, then continue to fight.
Cedric was never physically abused or yelled at... But he still felt very empty. 
And the scene before him did nothing to help that feeling.

This was the last memory he could really recall of both of his parents.
After that his mother had him back up his belongings and took him to a place full of kids. She told him she'd come back later.

She never did.


What was the orphanage like? Was it a cold dirty place? Was the caretaker nice? Or where they bitter and mean?
If you have these questions for the Murkrow he honestly couldn't answer any.
He recalled it being a bit cramped, there was no privacy but it seemed nice enough.
Truth be told he wasn't there long. Just a month of staying and he was adopted into a loving home in the small town of Floaroma.

His new parents being a Swanna fellow by the name of Conway and a caring and loving Altaria named Tilly.
The couple were caring and gave him something he never had, safety and love.
Looking back at that negative memory of his parents now, Cedric realizes he's oddly grateful for it. Without his biological mother's selfish ways, without that fight, he'd never would have this.
He'd never know of a mother's warm hug, or a father's comfort. He'd never have a little brother to look up to him.

He was content with his family, and just as happy with his friends.


Despite his contentment and happy life there was one issue.

Cedric was a hoarder and had expensive needs. One could say he had champagne tastes while having a beer budget.
Though his family were upper middle class, it still costs a lot to keep up with four individuals, especially when a certain Murkrow cost as much as three people in one at times.
After hearing his childhood friend, 
Prissy, also planned on moving he found it best to follow after her. To try the independent life, and pray that he made it longer then a week.


Height: 5'2
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Drink:  Coffee
Favorite Food: Apples
Favorite Berry: Tamato Berry
Favorite Music: Classical, Soft Rock, Oldies

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Poetry, Collecting shiny things
Talents: Writing
Likes: Flowers, Ribbons, Dresses, Shiny things, Money, Books, Rain, Apples, Bowties, Flying, Night time
Dislikes: Being proved wrong, Dirt, Sea water, Horror films, ghosts, People better then him, illogical things
Fears: Monsters, Ghosts, Death, Blood
Positive Traits: None he's an asshole Good listener, honest, Loyal to friends and family, Confident
Negative Traits:  Everything Too Blunt, Sarcastic, Pessimistic, Whiner, Self asorbed, Arrogant, Pompous, Rude , hoarder, a bit of a klepto(my word why would you want to be friends with this guy?)

:bulletred: He Has a stutter :bulletred:
:bulletred: He's been close friends with Prissy for a long time 
:bulletred: She gives him the blushies :bulletred:
:bulletred: He wants to be an author one day :bulletred:
:bulletred: He hopes Prissy will illustrate his novels :bulletred:
:bulletred: His biological parents are a Honchkrow Mother and a Braivery Father :bulletred:
:bulletred: Due to his father's genes, instead of a hat like Murkrow crest he has puffy Rufflet feathers on his head. :bulletred:
:bulletred: Though he inheirted the move 'Brave bird' from his father he has no idea how to use it :bulletred:
:bulletred: Cedric's fighting style consists of spamming doubleteam and sucker punching people like the back stabbing wuss he is. :bulletred:
:bulletred:He wears a necklace with an amulet coin under his clothes :bulletred:
:bulletred:Though secretly, he's a bit superstitious, just like his younger brother Hamish. :bulletred:
:bulletred: he occasionally will Cross dress :bulletred:
:bulletred: He thinks he looks pretty darn good in dresses, then again what doesn't he look good in? :bulletred:
:bulletred: He's goes under mild panic attacks when he sees blood :bulletred:
:bulletred: He can't stomach gorey film and hates most horror movies. :bulletred:

Application for :iconpkmnskies:
So I ended up going with my Murkrow character. Let's hope he makes the cut and wish me luck ;u;
Punkish Elephante by Stais
Punkish Elephante
This is my bae. I love this pet and I plan on making him my BC pet.
I LOVE elephants so it's no wonder I love the species.

Though Ironically I'm considering morphing and repainting him to a Wraith Gnorbu. -shot-

Either way this was for the Beauty contest on neopets.
And he won't first place :D
Green Ogrin by Stais
Green Ogrin
this teeny little picture I did for my Green Ogrin to use in the neopets Beauty contest. He won 2nd place.
Not bad considering I did't advertise at all XD
Hey all! :D
Here I am back from the depths of hell and raised as a fat zombie.

Several of my friends are joining a the group :iconpkmnskies:
A group I'd love to try out. I already have a friend willing to help with a reccomendation.
 I mean I love Gijinka groups but I'll always have a more soft spot for Anthros and pokemon anthros are super special to me due to my time in Armonia.

My problem is I made two characters I really like.
They're both brothers and I love them both. I love the enough that I do plan on drawing my butt off to save for a 2nd space to get the remaining bro in as quick as possible. But the question still stands...

Who should be my 'main' bro?
Who is the one starts this?

The older brother, Jerk off, arrogant, pompous but easily flustered Cedric the Murkrow?
 PkmnSkies Cedric App by Stais
The younger brother. The Dorky, alien believing, Blogging Clefairy Stalking Hamish the Pidove
 Pkmnskies Hamish App by Stais


I hate to make a journal just to ask this, but I literally only have two friends to ask. :iconkurpo: and :iconruhianna:
Kurpo loves Cedric to insane amounts, and Ruhi tells me whichever is fine.
So I could really use some input.

I feel myself leaning toward Cedric but that's probably because I really want to use him for Kurpo. (I mean I do love him but Kurpo is like my biggest drive and inspiration for him)

Anyway technical term wise Hamish the Pidove is the more easiest to draw. But I've practiced enough with Cedric that it shouldn't be too much of an issue. It's that darn hat and giant ass beak that keeps getting me. I'm also very confident I can easily rp both characters. So that's not an issue

Anyway they have their Bio but there's no need to read them if you don't want to. just give me an opinion on which you prefer. Any is needed ans welcomed. Thanks in advance ;u;


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Likes: Super Mario, Pok'emon, Nintendo, Hamtaro, Dragon ball Z, Food, Sheep
Dislikes: Twilight, Naturo, Xbox(It scares me) ,Wood Roaches

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