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Well Hello

Mon Mar 23, 2015, 11:36 AM

Hey everyone! Here I am trying to get back into the swing of things.
I'm pretty sure not many of you care but here I am XD


Because I started a group with some friends
It's an rping group involving monsters, supernaturals, and monsters in a splice of life sort of setting.

It'll be opening in april and you should totes check it out.


Kudos painting practice by Stais
Kudos painting practice
This was suppose to be a speed painting. It ended up not as a speed painting. I think I'm actually proud of this. Proud enough to post it here on DA despite being terrified of putting anything on this site. So yay ;u;

anyway just a headshot of my OC Kudos.
Hand Kiss by Stais
Hand Kiss
man I am not digging this new DA layout. It sort of hurts my brain like a lot.
I drew this for my friend #Kurpo
I put it on tumblr but she watches like: 46457459720624735745076508 people on there. so I doubt she'll ever see it. So here it is on here.

It's fluff of our characters Jane and Micah who Kurpo proclaimed was their month. so I've been doodling them a lot.
Sadly my computer keeps freezing up so I lose most said doodles.

This picture is super stupid.

-goes back into hiding-
Butler Twins by Stais
Butler Twins
Bernard Butler and his Twin brother Bailey Butler.
Bailey is the on in blue on the top

I drew this at work with a pen then colored with Crayola markers; Then took a picture with my phone. so yeah not the best coloring or quality.
but I'm proud of it.
also last picture of the day. back to work.

It does not want to be upright pffff whyyy
Bernard Ref by Stais
Bernard Ref
:iconruhianna: and I decided to pull Martha and Bernard and all the little side characters involving their plot away from Pokemon. I love my little Gijinka Bidoofs but we felt like it was most so holding us back in their inviorment and world.
Because of this we started doing an over haul of the characters. So I started off with the main man himself; Bernard. One of the main problems him and Martha originally had with both being Bidoof gijinkas was they looked related. So I fixed that massively. I hardly doubt anyone will think the two are kissing cousins(and sibilings) now.
I'm also practicing a lot with shapes and certain features in a character as well.
Also the people in the Height chart down there are: Bessie (his baby), Bernard, Martha, and Davie his sort of adoptive daughter.

Now to set up some info on him just so I can have the shit on record. It will be long and rambly however as I'm mainly having it up for me.

Name: Bernard Beaufort Bulter
Age:  33 
Height: 6'2
Occupation: History Teacher
Marital Status: Widow
Children: Davie, Bessie
Originated: Somewhere in Canada
Ethnicity: Indian/African American
Powers: Psychic

Bernard is a very stoic and serious toned kind of fellow. He's all about his personal space and has an issue with anything social. He's also very blunt and not afraid to tell you his piece. He much more comfortable in smaller groups of close friends and family and staying inside. He generally hates hot summer days and being outside all together.  His more common 'emotions' are: Aggitated, Pissed off, and Nuetral.  When he's not work asorbed or reading into history he plays video games; or takes Bessie out to museums and other outings. He's a very doting father and tends to only break out of his montoned bland existence for his kids.

As a teacher Bernard is the sort who is often hard on his students. Believing if they have the time to memorize Tiffany's full dating list or what Katy Perry is up to then they should have more then enough time to do some damn history work. He tends to teach more so verbaly; but will make exceptions if he knows a child needs a more visual approach. He'll also start wars with the kids; any child who is a dick to him in class. Bernard will seek out and make the brat read more paragraphs from the books then most; or clean his white board that he decided to scribble all on. Then grin evilally so the kid knows he's doing it on purpose. Which most just think if funny and tries to beat him at his own game.
Bernard also has a collection of stress balls under his desk. Which he lobbs at kids when they start pissing him off.


Bernard was Raised by his grandparents along side his twin brother, Bailey.
He was officially adopted by them and grew up reasonably happy on a small farm. Really his childhood was a rather bland and dull life but a happy one none the less.

His Grandfather, Bruce, beat a pretty strong work ethnic into him and his brother. While his grandmother, Notey, taught them how to cook. Being the sort to believe men needed to know how to feed themselves and not rely souly on women.
Bernard mostly stuck to cooking and doing house chores with Notey. Bailey being the more burly sort for the outdoor chores.

At the age of thirteen  Bernard started showing signs of being able to levitate things. Granted most of the time it ended up with things being spilt in the kitchen; of stuff breaking.
Notey and Bruce; took precautions in finding him a teacher and a mentor to help him better the talent he had been given. Making certain to keep both boys content and not feel as if one was better then the other.

Again nothing very exciting happened after that. Bernard found a mentor in an Korean fellow by the name of Yan who lived a town over. He too shared the same sort of gift Bernard did. Though no master on the subject; the man had spent years of figuring out waits to live with it, control it, and even utilize it in his life.
So teenage life for Bernard was, school, chores, and going to his mentor's home.

Growing into an adult however; Bernard found himself falling in love with Yan's daughter; Ellen.
The two started dating around the age of nineteen;  at age twenty Ellen proposed to Bernard. They married a little after he turned twenty one.
The newly wedded couple then moving across the border to America for a college Bernard had been accepted into.

The first neighbor to welcome him to their new home was a little four year old girl by the name of Davie. A then shy and mousy child who had a large sweet tooth. Both Bernard and Ellen were in shock over the fact the child had been outside by herself. Her parents acted the part of worried when he returned her; but he soon found this to be just that. An act.
time and time again; Little Davie would find herself over at the Butler's home. 
Eventually it became very evident that her parents were very neglectful of their young daughter. So he took it apon himself to keep watch over her while she was outside and let her parent's know were she was.
Bernard starting college online so he'd be at home all times for Davie while Ellen went to work.

At the time Davie's parents seemed to not mind at all; and were in fact eager to have someone else watch their child. As she got older it became obvious when the father wasn't ignore Davie; he was verbally abusing her. Around then Bernard and Ellen would start calling in child services. But sadly it never went through; the family managing to act just as well as they did during their first meeting.

for ten years Bernard and Ellen basically raised Davie the best they could. Offering refuge for the girl when she needed it. Even going as far as turning one of their guest rooms into a little place just for her.
It was around this time though that Ellen became pregnant with their first child, and depressed. She was taken to several doctors and cared for around the clock. Once the baby was a born, a little girl by the name of Bessie, the 'baby blues' did not cease. If anything they grew worse. She was obmitted into the hospital several times; until eventually she was found dead from sucicide.

Bessie in the current story is Three years old. Three years ago; Bernard became a widower and started raising his child; with the help of Davie.
It is around this time That Martha and her friend Bonita move into town and start to work at school Bernard takes occupation in.

which is around were the Rp starts off.


Bailey Butler: Bernard's identicle twin brother; the two are like night and day personality wise. But have about as deep of a connection as you'd expect of twin brothers. He married shortly after Bernard; and moved to the same town to be with his brother after Ellen's passing. He is constantly helping Bernard out with Bessie and giving his brother rides around town.

Dianne Butler: Bailey's wife She's older then both of the boys by eight years. Bernard and her often discuss baby matters together. She was a mother long before Bernard a father. Him being prone to panic attacks over every little thing that might be wrong with Bessie; Dianne plays as a good advisor and calming the poor man down before he wears out his welcome at the pediatrician's office.

Joey Butler: Dianne and Bailey's Ten year old son. He's sort of a wannabe gangster; and tries to act cool. He enjoys bugging Bernard to no means. The two of them sort of have that dennis the mennis kind of relationship.

Skyler Graham: Dianne's oldest son. Bernard has never met him and doesn't really care to.

Notey Butler: Bernard's biological Grandmother on his father's side and adopted mother. He's very close to her; and is a bit of a mama's boy when it comes to the lady. When he's around her is probably the only time you see him smiling often; and only due to the fact she hates seeing scowls on her boy's face.

Bruce Butler: Bernard's Biological Grandfather on his father's side and adopted father. Bruce looks like he could be Bernard's biological dad. The two look so much a like. He's a working fellow; and even in retirement the man can still be found working or doing something to keep himself occupied. He's a very busy body sort; and though Bernard loves him to death he isn't as close to him as he is Notey.

Anges Bland: Bernard's Biological mother; he had to spend a bit of time with her on the odd occasions. She's a terrible mother; and a worse person. Trying to force her values on him and her disappointment. Bernard never took anything she said or did to heart; as he never considered her his mother.

Brian Butler: Bernard's biological father. He's only seen his real father in pictures, much like Bernard; Brian looks just like Bruce. Bernard has no idea where his father is; and neither do Notey and Bruce.

Ellen Butler: Bernard's Late wife. She was the bold one out of the two; she was the first to ask him out, give the kiss, and propose. She'd joke about him wearing the wedding dress and being the blushing bride.  She helped get the stoic man out of his shell on the occasions and was always the calm one; nothing ever seeming to get her down or upset her.

Bessie Butler: Bessie was originally Bernard's and Ellen's Labrador. The two considered the dog their child and would baby it as such. When Ellen actually had a child of her own; she couldn't bring herself to name the little girl. Bernard decided to name the baby after their then passed away dog. It seems a bit demeaning; but that dog was pretty much everything to the couple. Bernard's daughter Bessie is just as spoiled as here doggish counterpart. She loves ribbons and teddy bears, and dinosaurs. She's just learning to talk and tends to speak a mix of third person and first person. She's also a parrot, mimicking anything she hears.

Davie Butler: Bernard's 'adopted' daughter. Although for most of her life she is only his 'neighbor' Davie was practically raised by Bernard and Ellen. He considers her his daughter and has gotten into fights with her actual father several times. Later on after meeting Martha he'll finally gain custedy of her right before she turns seventeen.

Yan: Bernard's mentor and previous father in law. the two of them are still very close; Bernard even going as far to call Yan 'Dad' on the occasions. He's one of the few people who can get Bernard joking and laughing.


Martha Samuel: The new Librarian in town; Bernard has very mixed feelings about her. He likes playing video games with her; but she can be super annoying. and tends to get into his personal space. though at times he doesn't mind this; which only ends up ticking himself off.

Bonita: Martha's best friend; and by some miracle; her and Bernard do grow close as friends. The two of them bonding over being cynical about stuff.

James 'Jim' Killoran: mostly 'Frenemies' Jim and Bernard's hate for one another go way back in college. The two constantly; arguing, cussing, and beating the shit out of one another. Now a days they just throw petty insults each other's way and glare at one another.



*inhales coffee as if it was air
*He hates change 
*He has never partaken in 'baby talking' to Bessie.
*Is afraid of most flying insects
*He cannot drive
*doesn't know how to swim.
*He enjoys writing poetry. Weither he is good at it is up for debate.
*He if doesn't constantly insult you, it means he 'tolerates you'. Which is as close to friend as you'll ever get with him.
*He's a big History nerd.
*He loves horror movies. Specially old Campy ones.
*the most immature thing about him is how much he loves video games. This is due to Davie.
*He's also very much a sore loser.
*He loves chewing on toothpicks.
*He used to smoke for a short period of time. But quit before he even got married at age 21.
*He has a suit for each work day.
*He is far sighted
*Bernard generally hates being touched by people he doesn't know. even if it's just a pat on the shoulder.
*He's quick to panic when something his wrong with either Davie or Bessie.
*He's threatened several boys away from Davie.
*Violently threatened
*He can probably eat enough for three adult men.
*fuck your motabolism Bernard.

Well Hello

Mon Mar 23, 2015, 11:36 AM

Hey everyone! Here I am trying to get back into the swing of things.
I'm pretty sure not many of you care but here I am XD


Because I started a group with some friends
It's an rping group involving monsters, supernaturals, and monsters in a splice of life sort of setting.

It'll be opening in april and you should totes check it out.



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