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November 11, 2013
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Gerard App Updated by Stais Gerard App Updated by Stais
For :iconpkmn-armonia:
I haven't had Gerard long and already he got trolled by mew's pool of species changing.
Been awhile sense I used that pool and I helped with the idea of it. lol.
I had reasons for changing him. Most shallow was I was sad so many sliggoos started appearing in armonia. Another reason being Chesnaughts and Hawluchas just won my heart as top faves of the new gen...But the most reason is the Pokemon X pokedex entry. I just couldn't get over how sliggoos are pretty much blind. I couldn't stand it, after all Miles my Mr Mime is already Hard of hearing I didn't really need a blind guy.
Then of course I discovered I had issues drawing him...that's a pretty decent reason too...So anyway now he's a buff knight and can protect his darling daughter.

:iconquillplz:Name:Gerard Leslie Wright
:iconquillplz:Age: 25
:iconquillplz:Species: Chesnaught
:iconquillplz:Gender: Male
:iconquillplz:Ability: Bulletproof
:iconquillplz:Birthday: August 19th
:iconquillplz:Nature: Gentle
:iconquillplz:Hometown: Laverre City

:bulletwhite:Height: 6'5 ft
:bulletwhite:Weight: 275 lbs

Personality: Gerard is a chilled sort of fellow most of the time. He's also very involved in his work, to the point one might consider him a work-a-holic. He tends to get fully absorbed into something and can be one track minded. Only a few certain things can snap him out of this state of mind. When upset, he tends to over work himself to get over his frustrations. Being the type to often bottle things up and just release it in a proactive manner towards whatever he's working on. This being said he can feel quite stressed at times, but rarely show it.
He's prideful and hates to ask of favors and can be a bit of a smartass at times. But never in a mean spirited fashion.
He's also terrible at organization, is very observant, and almost obsessive compulsive about getting new information on things and tends to be stubborn about things he believes in as well as being very maternal.


As a young Goomy Gerard grew up on detective shows and reading mystery novels. He dreamt of becoming just like his television heroes.
As he got older, he started to work with his mother's parents. The older couple running a local newspaper in Laverre City.
He was naturally gifted in writing, even taking part of the school paper during his time. He found it a good experience and was always interesting in learning everything around town. Something that was easily accessed for him with his father being a news anchor man.
However despite his future in the newspaper, he stilled longed for his childhood dream.
Despite the protests of his very concerned and passive mother, claiming the job was :too violent, too dangerous.
He didn't care he had made up his mind at a young age and did all he could to pursue  his dream job.
His girlfriend, an Altaria by the name of Maybelle was always very supportive of him of his job choice when he parents were not. She'd often help him out as her father was a police officer. Often telling him things he'd had to do, what not to do. Having her father show him around the station.
Not counting the quarrels with her parents, Gerard had a good smooth life and well planned future.
something Maybelle relied on, she was his exact opposite. Being more sponatious and less motivated. She allowed him to focus his goals on his dream, and to not worry himself with her.

His dream that ended up dying in the long run.
As he and his highschool sweetheart ended up with something unexpected.
her pregnancy.

Neither of them were ready for parenthood, her deciding quick she wanted nothing to do with a baby. She planned to have an abortion to save them the trouble. Being a carefree party girl, raising a child was not in her furture to her.
Gerard and his family had to make a point to beg her not to.
The deal was she'd have the child and he'd take it and all custody, and she could have the right to visit if she so wanted to.

They got the deal written down in paper early on and on May 14th  at the age of 23 Gerard became a father to a little Swablu girl by the name of Midori.
True to their world, Gerard took her in.
He had just gotten into college. finally worked his way into a job at the police business. It was quickly put aside for his daughter and his dream tossed.
His thoughts now changing on his dream job: his mother was right,  it was too dangerous, it would take up too much of his time.
He set aside everything for his little girl. Making sure to be there with her and be a positive rolemodel.
Now two years later, Gerard realizing just dropping out of school on his daughter's behalf was not the most positive thing to do. In the long run it would be best to continue his schooling. To be the best he could when he no doubt inheirted the newspaper so he could be ready for any issue so he could support her long after his parents were gone.
It took awhile for him to find a school to accept him.
and he prays it'll be the right thing to do.

:new: It wasn't long at his new school that Gerard could tell he had done the right thing. Already he had found friends for Midori with several of the teacher's children. The school itself was full of history and great teachers.
However, feeling isolated from most of the young student crowd Gerard caught himself reading on the school's myths. Apparently legendary pokemon frequented the island. One of the important figure heads being Mew.
Shortly after discovering this, Mew and another one of her kind showed up. Starting a sort of tag war with guns. Not interested in the war, Gerard went into the woods in hopes of talking to the Legendary. He wanted to know more of the island's history. Mew's reasoning for being there, and how many of her kind were there?
So many things he wanted to ask.
However one with bad eyesight should not travel the woods alone during dusk. He found himself lost, and frustrated.
Mad at himself more then anything.
He should have known better. He was an adult, he knew he couldn't see and he didn't know the area. Now that night grew he could not see at all. And feebly called out for help. Perhaps mew would hear him? Or some wild pokemon could attack him. Either way his luck and patience was wearing thin.
How was he suppose to care for Midori? He'd think to himself. He wasn't strong, he couldn't see, and he got himself in situations like this.

It was around this time he fell into a pool of water. Not being a strong swimming he flailed and coughed  trying to surface. The water however was oddly calming, it was warm and he felt himself losing concious.

When he woke up it was daylight, he was out of the water. Wondering if it was all a dream he tried to pull himself up. Noticing suddenly he could see perfectly. He could see the sky, the trees, his location...He felt taller too.
It was then he noticed his legs, his arms, his reflection.

And fainted once again

:bulletwhite:House: Selva

:bulletwhite:Clubs: Newspaper Club

• Math (II)
• Writing
• History
• Battle

• Writing
• Home Economics
• Science
• Literature
• Survival

Fedora: It was his grandfather's hat. He wears it almost all the time due to how he hates being bald.

Glasses: He doesn't need them anymore.However toting them around has become a habit.

Baby Bag: Midori' Baby bag. It carries all her thing: including diapers, sippy cup, snacks and a change of clothes.

  • He's very good at playing the role of protective dad/brother figure.
  • He has a fascination with books and learning new things.
  • He has sleep issues and will often stay up until he just passes out.
  • Gerard Isn't used to his new height so he often whacks his head on doorways and generally everything.  
  • He has a massive love for hats, and collects as many as he can.
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leafpool12 Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
omg he looks amazing !
Terrakiion Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What a darling~
thank you ;u; though all of your's are so cute I love you brought back your espeon <3
Terrakiion Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Waaah, thank you, I just missed by babb a lot, ehehe.
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